The Essential Guide to Data Lineage in 2022

Successful enterprise data governance relies on several key factors. IT leaders and their teams need to know where their data comes from, how it gets processed, and what value it ultimately generates.

Ultimately, the entire data lifecycle must be taken into account. Organizations that do this unlock significant value through efficiently categorizing and validating data. They equip employees, partners, and users with the access they need when they need it, which can dramatically improve performance, profitability, and the overall user experience.

However, gaining this kind of insight requires a secure and well-designed IT infrastructure. Organizational silos need to be broken down and flattened. Data sources must undergo rigorous authentication. Errors need to be identified and corrected.

To do this, enterprise IT teams must create a comprehensive data mapping framework. IT leaders need to invest in data lineage solutions that help them achieve governance and compliance goals, providing a clear understanding of how data flows throughout the organization.

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Ultimate Guide to Data Security for MSPs

MSP customers are actively storing sensitive data, and many do not know where it is or how it is protected. It’s easy to assume that this is simply the customer’s problem, as protecting the data is not explicitly listed in the contract. This could not be further from the truth. MSPs and MSSPs have a responsibility to the customer to take reasonable steps to protect customer data.

Securing customers’ data requires a holistic approach to data security. MSPs, MSSPs, and their customers lack the right tools to find and protect their most sensitive data such as credit cards, personally identifiable information (PII), or US government-issued documents (CUI). These tools need to be flexible enough to account for hybrid and cloud environments and remote workers.

This ebook will explore how MSPs can secure their customer’s data, protect themselves from liability while creating an additional revenue stream.

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