Premium Cybersecurity
Solutions for MSPs

Secure Network Without Compromise

with Ananda Networks

Ananda enables businesses to create their own private, high-performance, low-latency network that allows them to connect their distributed workforce with unparalleled speed, security, and simplicity.

Alternative to VPN

Up to 25x Faster

Bandwidth, nitro route and protocol optimization using advanced machine learning

Zero-trust Model

End-to-end encryption and contextual access to prevent data leaks and ransomware


Save money on complicated hardware and installation and get set up in minutes

Your Data Privacy Risk Platform

with Actifile

Holistic. Automated. Real-time. SaaS based platform built for Cloud Centric Organizations.

data protection software

Risk Assessment

Find out how much your company could lose from cyber attack on data

Risk Monitoring

See exactly how your files are moving in the organization and prevent files from leaving your internal network

Risk Remediation

Encrypt and protect sensitive data to stop data leakage in the event of a ransomware attack