Premium Cybersecurity &
Data Management Solutions

Data Lineage Management

with DataHawk

DataHawk's data lineage management solution automatically collects and analyzes data lineage of mission-critical data, visualizing data flow and derivation rule from data source to target.

Visualize Data Lineage

Multi-tier, column-level data lineage graph and list from source to target

Data Governance

Understand data flow sequences and data change impact analysis

Data Derivation Rules

Automatically extract the derivation rules between source and target column

Intelligent Application Analytics

with DeltaForce

DeltaForce is an application analytics tool that provides comprehensive insight into enterprise applications and databases.

Analyze Data Files

Imports and analyzes both source files and database schema to map out relationships in a program.

Automated Knowledge Base

Delivers an automated knowledge base for complex applications using multiple languages and technologies.

Increase Productivity

Improves application team's productivity from 30-75% with application visibility.

Open Source Security & License Management

with Labrador

Labrador OSS offers high detection accuracy and convenient patch recommendations, analyzes SW developed by users and provides SBOM (Software Bill of Materials) containing the configuration information of all SWs such as open-source components and libraries.

Excellent Detection Accuracy

With patented technologies, Labrador has an increased accuracy through multi-factor inspection method, analyzing code snippets in file and function components

Convenient Patch Recommendations

Analyzes software developed by users and provides SBOM (Software Bill of Materials) containing the configuration information of all softwares such as open-source components and libraries

Avoid License Violations and Vulnerabilities

User-friendly interface shows software components and provides licenses & vulnerability risk information for customers to address them

Fast Identity Online Solution

with OneMorePass

OneMorePass is a FIDO Solution that uses biometric and quick authentication - eliminating the need for passwords.

User Convenience

Apply various authentication methods and manage integrated authentication lifecycle.

Prevent Attacks

Prevent phishing by sending notifications if there is an unauthorized log-in attempt.

Customizable Policies

Configure your OneMorePass policy and ruleset to meet your company standards and policies.

Data Privacy Risk Platform

with Actifile

Holistic. Automated. Real-time. SaaS based platform built for Cloud Centric Organizations.

Risk Assessment

Find out how much your company could lose from cyber attack on data

Risk Monitoring

See exactly how your files are moving in the organization and prevent files from leaving your internal network

Risk Remediation

Encrypt and protect sensitive data to stop data leakage in the event of a ransomware attack