Fast Identity Online Solution

Eliminate Passwords with Biometric & Quick Authentication

User Convenience

Apply various authentication methods and manage integrated authentication lifecycle.

Prevent Attacks

Prevent phishing by sending notifications if there is an unauthorized log-in attempt.

Customizable Policies

Configure your OneMorePass policy and ruleset to meet your company standards and policies.


OneMorePass works using multiple authentication methods without the need for passwords.

Our Solution

OMPass' FIDO solution increases user security without sacrificing convenience and ease-of-use.
What is OneMorePass?+

OneMorePass is a FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Solution that uses biometric and quick authentication - eliminating the need for passwords.

Eliminate Vulnerabilities+

Using a password-less login, completely eliminate traditional vulnerabilities with password loss and ID user credential theft.

Compliance Standards+

Comply with FIDO Alliance International standards based on public key.

Why OneMorePass?

With an increased demand for user authentication technology, OneMorePass guarantees strong security and user convenience.

Multiple Authentication Methods

Provide flexibility with multiple authentication methods to suit your needs and the needs of your users.

Popular features +
  • Application of the latest various user authentication technologies based on secure public key
  • Supports various authentications such as Face Recog, Fingerprint Recog, PIN, Pattern, Windows Hello login, and more
  • Provide separately for the centralized face authentication (OMFACE module is applied, accuracy rate of 99.96% based on the test of K-NBTC from KISA)

Customer-Centric Flexibility

Minimize development time and optimize the customer and network environments while sustaining user convenience.

Popular features +
  • Provide an optimized service for the environment of customer needs through user integrated authentication app or SD
  • Provides linking module (interface server) to minimize applying time and developing work
  • FIDO UAF (Universal Authentication Framework), U2F (Universal Second Factor)
  • Full support for internet and closed network environments

Enhance System Security

Capturing all relationships among applications written in heterogeneous languages, ETL and EAI solutions.

Popular features +
  • Conducted penetration testing through a professional white hacker team and completed security measures
  • Applied OMPASS secondary authentication whenever accessing the FIDO2 Admin server
  • Service access control possible based on user access IP
  • Application of verifying function from user access device

Frequently Asked Questions

What systems does OneMorePass work on?

•Server: Windows, Linux (Intel Xeon 2GHz or higher, RAM 64GB, HDD 1TB or higher recommended)
•Client: Android, iOS

Who is this for?

OneMorePass is an ideal authentication solution for large enterprise organizations who are currently struggling with password management and enforcement for their user logins.

Why is it dangerous to use traditional passwords?

Passwords are responsible for over 80% of all data loss. Most users use less than 5 passwords for every login, and more than 50% of users have not changed their passwords in over 5 years.

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