Static Application Security Testing

Improve Application Code Quality and Security

Vulnerability Detection

Detects vulnerable source codes and immediately drills down to the source code line

Enforce Development Standards

Automatically checks observance of comments standard, naming convention, architecture standard, and limitation of size/length etc.

Reduce Security Risks & Costs

Save time and costs by providing secure coding guidelines and pre-detection of security vulnerabilities in the early stage

Automatic Rule Updates

Allows developers to update rules automatically based on centralized rule management

Our Solution

Address both source code quality and application security by streamlining the entire process from creation to delivery while ensuring security is tested throughout the lifecycle.
What is SecurityPrism?+

SecurityPrism's SAST solution merges SecOps and DevOps so that your organization can integrate full Dev/Sec/Ops into your CI/CD function.

Improve Security with SAST+

Prevent security violation and hacking by pre-detection of vulnerabilities and inspect both code quality and security at the same time.


Reduce security risks, save time, and lower costs significantly through pre-detection of security vulnerability in the early stage

Why SecurityPrism?

SecurityPrism provides the capability to ensure secure application in the early stage of development lifecycle, allowing developers and QA to avoid programming patterns which hackers would attack.

Seamless Integrations

Facilitate multiple dimensions of static analysis in a single environment

Popular features +
  • SecurityPrism shares single technology platform with additional application governance solutions
  • Facilitate multiple dimensions of static analysis: impact analysis, code quality and security vulnerability

CWE Compliance

SecurityPrism is certified as a CWE compatible static analysis tool that is available for CWE compliance

Popular features +
  • Adhere to growing compliance requirements
  • Automatically detect code vulnerabilities

Patented Advanced Technology

Path sensitive dynamic string analysis and data flow analysis inside programs

Popular features +
  • Rule Description Language for Software Vulnerability Detection
  • Program Analysis Method Based on Cluster