Top 10 Cyber Security Software Solutions for MSPs in 2022

By Lily November 1, 2021

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Managed services providers (MSPs) that deal with sensitive data on behalf of their customers face many challenges. To stay competitive, they must stay up to date with emerging technologies and offer only the best cybersecurity software for their clients. 

In 2022, MSPs need to offer solutions for a multitude of complex security problems – including risk assessment and management, network security, ticket and asset management, and more. 

We’ve created a list of the top 10 cybersecurity products that MSPs can offer their customers. To make the list, the software must meet the following strict criteria: 

  • Software only – When added hardware is involved it makes the solution complicated and expensive to set up. 
  • Extremely secure – The product must be the most secure offering compared to its competitors. 
  • Affordable – Products on this list must be low-cost compared to other solutions.
  • Reliable – Both the product and the company must be reliable so your customers can stick with it long term. 

2022 is sure to bring a number of challenges for your MSP—here are some of the best tools on the market today that will make your MSP business stand out from the competition.

Top 10 Cyber Security Software Solutions for MSPs in 2022

Here We Go


beSECURE is a vulnerability assessment and management tool for networks, hosts, and web apps. It runs continuous or periodic scans, automated attacks, and compliance scans. 

This tool is safe to run in production environments. It helps organizations cover major compliance mandates such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, ISO-2700x, and more. It’s fast to deploy and can be used on internal and external resources.

beSECURE is an excellent tool for helping take a proactive approach to secure your customer’s digital environment. Identifying and closing security gaps makes your client a more challenging target for attackers – decreasing the risk of an attack and minimizing the time your organization will need for remediation and clean-up after a cyber attack.


NinjaRMM is an IT Service Management (ITSM) tool that helps MSPs manage their customer infrastructure. Get up-to-the-minute statuses on customer endpoints to quickly see what needs attention. 

Growing your MSP requires efficiency, speed and automation wherever possible. Tools such as NinjaRMM enable your organization to streamline most tasks, freeing up time for your staff to handle more critical jobs.


Actifile helps organizations find and protect their most sensitive data. It automates data risk assessments, monitors sensitive data, and applies direct protection against internal and external threats.

Actifile is about more than simply encrypting data to protect against threats. By identifying where sensitive data lies, you can take additional measures to protect it. Doing this also helps you help your customer meet compliance requirements such as HIPAA, SoX, and PCI.

ConnectWise Command

ConnectWise Command helps MSPs efficiently scale. It uses intelligent monitoring and alerting to consolidate events into single tickets. It also streamlines patch management and deployment with automation. 

Your staff has more important things to do than sit in front of a management console waiting for tickets to appear. ConnectWise Command’s automated alert system allows them to go about their day-to-day tasks while still being aware of problems as soon as they happen. 


Exosphere is a unified threat management solution for small businesses to protect themselves against viruses and malware. Unlike legacy anti-virus systems, this modern software uses multiple techniques to defend against advanced forms of malware. 

Ransomware is on the rise and getting more complex. MSPs today must be able to protect their clients beyond basic attacks. Exosphere can catch existing malware and new varieties as they are created. This gives you an edge on bad actors and helps protect against tomorrow’s attacks today. 

Logic Monitor

LogicMonitor monitors everything in your IT stack, in one platform, automatically correlating data to provide answers on how to model, avoid issues and optimize your IT environment.

More and more customers are leveraging the cloud every day. Not every solution can handle this dynamic environment where nodes are continually created and destroyed when scaling. LogicMonitor gives you the ability to watch the cloud without constantly reconfiguring to track changes. 


VPNs are an outdated solution for allowing remote access to digital environments. Zero Trust Networks are the modern and most secure way to solve this problem. Ananda connects users, devices, and cloud services using a secure zero-trust model. 

Ananda enables businesses to create their own private, high-performance, low-latency network that allows them to connect their distributed workforce with unparalleled speed, security, and simplicity.

Ananda also uses machine learning to bypass cloud protocols and offer bandwidth optimization by continuously searching for the fastest connection route. No bandwidth or protocol limitations means up to 25x faster than what you’re experiencing with a VPN.


Confluence helps your workforce connect and share information no matter where they may be located. Confluence is a centralized information repository to create a single source of truth for your organization. Document solutions and projects with easy templates and share securely with group-based permissions. 

With proper documentation, MSPs can avoid having to solve the same problems twice. Using groups and role-based permissions lets you provide customers with self-help documentation targeted toward their organization while keeping internal notes and data private.  


DeltaForce provides deep insight into applications to solve a wide range of issues. Automatic code documentation, pinpointing changes in application or source code, mapping dependencies, and inspecting code quality all lead to a drastic improvement in productivity. 

DeltaForce has documented productivity improvements of as much as 75% with customers who have integrated it. 


ITGlue helps your organization control the information sprawl of documentation. It maps relationships in documentation to make it easier to find information related to what is being accessed. 

It also integrates an easy-to-use password management tool to simplify access for teams without having to store shared passwords in easy-to-steal documents. This increases security tenfold.

Choosing MSP-built solutions


When evaluating products to offer as an MSP, don’t discount the importance of choosing solutions designed with MSPs in mind. Unlike standard businesses, MSPs need to manage multiple customers simultaneously. Cyber security software must have this ability baked into their product for it to be useful.

We-Bridge partners with only the best companies to serve you a complete and curated platform of cyber security solutions. Our offerings are crafted specifically for the needs of MSPs and their clients. Contact us today for a short demo.


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