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Businesses today need to protect their digital assets and information – without complicated and expensive setup. We-Bridge partners with only the best companies to serve you a complete and curated platform of cybersecurity and data management solutions.

Our Process

At We-Bridge, we’re focused on providing only the best solutions for our customers so they can grow their business without headaches. When we evaluate new products to add to our offering, they must meet our strict criteria:

Software Only

When hardware is involved it makes the solution complicated and expensive to set up.

Extremely Secure

The product must be the most secure offering compared to its competitors.


Products we offer must be low-cost compared to other solutions.


Both the product and the company must be reliable so our customers can stick with it long term.

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Our Founding Team


Co-founder and CEO


Founder and CEO

Beyond Security

Co-founder and CEO

SSD Secure Disclosure

Co-founder and CEO

Our Founders

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Noam Rathaus

VP of Products

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DongBum Lee

VP of Partnerships

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Chiyoung Oh

VP of Channels