Data Lineage Management

Visualize data lineage by automatically extracting data flow from data source to target.
What is DataHawk?+

A data lineage management solution that automatically collects and analyzes data lineage of mission-critical data, visualizing data flow and derivation rule from data source to target.

What is Data Lineage?+

Data Lineage is the flow of data from the source to the target. Tracking Data Lineage means understanding what flow and derivation rules the data processed, transformed and used.


• Increase productivity by immediately understanding the sequence of data flow
• Reduce risk in data change and cleansing/data quality management
• Cut communication cost


Our Solution

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Visualize Data Lineage

Multi-tier column level data lineage graph and list from source to target. Drill down data lineage – business system, table and column level.

Extract Data Derivation Rules

Automatically extract the derivation rules between source and target DB columns.

+80 languages and DBMS

Provide parsers for various environment analysis and support analysis of Big Data technologies.

Advanced technology

Path sensitive dynamic string analysis and data flow analysis inside programs with our patented technology.

Why Data Lineage Management?

Data is most valuable when the company understands its origins, how it got to their business, and how it moves through the company. Data lineage analyzes data sources and where they are used, so that managers know if there are any problems or inefficiencies.

Data Governance

Understand data flow sequences and data change impact analysis.

Popular features +
  • Improve business efficiency by understanding the order of data flow
  • When changing data, identify the scope of impact and the source/path of error data
  • Reduce communication costs between IT and businesses

Big Data

Data Lake, DW, Data Analytics/Visualization, AI, and Internet of Things (IoT).

Popular features +
  • Identify data flow in Data Lake for processing, saving, and utilization structured data from various channels
  • Identify data flows such as Data Warehouse and Data Mart for big data analysis and visualization


Meet compliance standards for BASEL III BCBS 239, IFRS 17, & GDPR.

Popular features +
  • Comply with Basel Bank Supervisory Commission, BCBS 239 guidelines
  • Audit trail for IFRS 17 systems
  • Identify the data source of personal information for Europe GDPR

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need additional hardware to run DataHawk?

No! Our solution is 100% software-based, making it incredibly easy to deploy in minutes. When you sign up, we'll walk you through the entire process.

How do you compare to other data lineage providers?

We have patented technology that lifts us above the competition. We provide automated data lineage reports reducing a huge amount of manual costs.

Who is this best suited for?

DataHawk is best suited for enterprise organizations who have a lot of data flow that needs to be analyzed and tracked.

What kind of search functionality is included?

Search by DB object name, DB object type, or keywords. Search within results, CRUD search, and advanced search with several conditions. You can also access DDL script and source view.

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