Open Source Security & License Management

High Detection Accuracy
& Convenient Patch Recommendations

Accurate SBOM

Checks the source code software composition at a glance and verifies the software safety through SBOM production & acquisition

In-Depth Vulnerability Analysis

Detects vulnerabilities with over 90% accuracy through the Labrador 3-layer vulnerability analysis and detects unknown vulnerabilities by matching modified or fragmented code snippets

Pinpoint Patch Information

Maximize development efficiency and prevent side effect through targeted vulnerable codes patch

Automated Policy Management

Register & automatically manage your organizations specific security/license issues

Our Solution

Labrador is the only software composition analysis (SCA) tool that analyzes and fixes vulnerabilities at the code level
What is Labrador?+

Labrador is a SCA tool that utilizes patented and academically recognized technology to find vulnerabilities associated with open-source software at a file, component, and function level

What is Software Composition Analysis?+

SCA is an automated process that identifies the open source software in a codebase


• Inputs through cloud or on-premise services
• Extracts all the necessary information for an accurate SBOM
• Detects vulnerabilities and license violations through patented technology
• Corrects vulnerabilities and licenses issues with patch back-porting and license management

Why Labrador?

Manage your software supply chain easily and safely with Labrador!

Software Transparency

Safe and clear SW supply chain management with accurate SBOM

Challenges Solved +
  • Secure software supply chain management needs
  • Software supply chain attack including ransomware and backdoor

Open Source Clearing

Accurate and safe risk management with patented technologies

Challenges Solved +
  • Open source security vulnerabilities
  • License compliance issues

Simple Software Solution

User-friendly for all developers, auditors, even executives and ordinary users with drag and drop analysis function

Challenges Solved +
  • Secure all phases of software development life cycle(SDLC)
  • Complicated SW environments