Advanced Application Analytics

Comprehensive Insight Into Enterprise Applications & Databases

Increase Productivity

Improves application team's productivity from 30-75% with application visibility.

Analyze Data Files

Imports and analyzes both source files and database schema to map out relationships in a program.

Automated Knowledge Base

Delivers an automated knowledge base for complex applications using multiple languages and technologies.

Analyze Code Security

Provides an analysis into source code security and quality, compliant with national coding standards.

Our Solution

DeltaForce is an application analytics tool that provides comprehensive insight into enterprise applications and databases.
What is DeltaForce?+

DeltaForce enables organizations to improve development and maintenance productivity by delivering automated knowledge base for complex applications using multiple languages and technologies.

How it Works+

DeltaForce automatically imports and analyzes both source files and database schema based on patent technology to find the overall detail object level dependencies among them.


Because DeltaForce conducts everything based on fundamental user input configurations, user doesn’t have to manually manage the object dependencies information.

Why DeltaForce?

DeltaForce helps IT departments at enterprise organizations with the challenges below.


Unique patent technology accurately extracts dynamic strings without running programs based on path-sensitive technology.

Popular features +
  • Non-visible application portfolio
  • Understanding of legacy application
  • Increasing complexity and size - application failures
  • Outdated & poor documents
  • Developers turn-over & application knowledge loss
  • Unused wastes

Tool’s Enabler

On-demand incremental analysis technology refreshes changed relationships by parsing only changed source files.

Popular features +
  • Application dashboard
  • COBOL variable tracking, Various diagrams & matrices
  • Change impact analysis
  • Automated documentation
  • Application repository
  • Unused objects in overall source files and databases

Tool Delivers

Capturing all relationships among applications written in heterogeneous languages, ETL and EAI solutions.

Popular features +
  • Clear application portfolio visibility
  • Rapid legacy understanding
  • Application quality & stability
  • Always up-to-date documentation
  • Keeping and transferring application knowledge
  • Reducing maintenance efforts for unused wastes

Frequently Asked Questions

What languages does DeltaForce support?

Java, JSP, XML, Java Script, Objective C, C#.NET, VB.NET, ASP, PHP, Perl, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Delphi, ANSI C/C++, Pro*C, Amdocs C, PL/1, RPG, Visual Gen, COBOL: ZOS, MF, HITACHI, ILE, ACOS.

What other organizations have used DeltaForce?

DeltaForce has been used for analyzing large scale systems in global companies such as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Nissan Motors, Hyundai Motors, Hitachi, NTT Data, Cannon and China Mobile and more.

What Databases does DeltaForce support?

Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL Server, Informix, Sybase ASE, AS IQ, My SQL, Postgres.

Who is this for?

DeltaForce is best suited for large enterprise organizations with IT personnel who are currently struggling with application security and analytics.

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