Data Privacy Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment, Risk Monitoring, & Risk Remediation

Automatic Deployment

Actifile's client deploys automatically and seamlessly in your organization endpoints.

Sensitive File Discovery

Gain visibility into risks that may expose sensitive data.

Ongoing Monitoring

Track risk development and remediation over time

Remediation by Encryption

Reduce organizational risk by making it harder for bad actors to get at your data.

Our Solution

Holistic. Automated. Real-time. Actifile automates data risk assessments, ongoing sensitive data monitoring and data protection.
Risk Assessment+

Find out how much your company could lose from cyber attack on data.

Risk Monitoring+

See exactly how your files are moving in the organization and prevent files from leaving your internal network.

Risk Remediation+

Encrypt and protect sensitive data to stop data leakage in the event of a ransomware attack.

Why Actifile?

With an increased demand for user authentication technology, OneMorePass guarantees strong security and user convenience.

Risk Assessment

Actifile’s Risk Portal displays number of files, number of records and an assessment of the monetary risk the data would pose if a data privacy incident were to happen.

Popular features +
  • Find out how much your company could lose from cyber attack on data
  • Generate and schedule monthly or quarterly reports to send to customers
  • Discover at-risk sensitive data
  • Makes adhering to regulatory standard simple and easy

Risk Monitoring

Actifile automatically monitors and alerts you as risks evolve. Monitors the use of data and third party applications against your data privacy policies.

Popular features +
  • See exactly how your files are moving in the organization
  • Prevent files from leaving your internal network
  • Track files across cloud applications
  • Prove to auditors that you stay in compliance

Risk Remediation

Actifile uses AES256 encryption to encrypt sensitive data. File level encryption is used to protect the data even if malware or ransomware accesses the files.

Popular features +
  • Encrypt and protect sensitive data
  • Stop data leakage in event of ransomware attack
  • Easy access controls for certain devices to be able to access files
  • Set encryption delays for easy protection

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Actifile meet compliance standards?

Actifile meets the following compliance standards: PII, PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, KVKK, Malaysian PDPA, Singapore PDPA, CMMC, NIST

Who is this for?

Actifile is designed with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in mind. Most customers expect their MSPs to mitigate all IT risks associated with data privacy regulations, including private data-related liabilities.

How does Actifile help with CMMC?

Find CUI, FCI, and FOUO data - where it is, how much of it is out there, and verify it isn't where it shouldn't be. Contact us to learn more.

Does Actifile require additional hardware like other solutions?

Actifile is a 100% software-based solution so that you can get up and running in minutes without purchasing dedicated hardware to run it.

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