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Ananda - zero trust networking

Create your own private network, connecting all your users, devices, and cloud services with unparalleled security, speed and simplicity – as if they are on a LAN.

Ananda is the first SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) platform that converges security and networking, allowing enterprises to create their own private, secure, high performance overlay networks, connecting any users, devices and services – in their HQ, branch, remote location, cloud or anywhere, with the simplicity and economics of a LAN.

Security Your own private, encrypted network
Identity-defined perimeter
Zero trust model
Speed Self-optimizing network
Advanced protocols and routing
Up to 60x faster than your legacy VPN
Simplicity Cloud managed
Identity-based management. No IPs!
No need for Firewall, VPN, SD-WAN, NAC

Delta-Force - Application Analytics

Comprehensive application analytics solution, providing clear insight into enterprise applications and databases to improve productivity of development and maintenance.

DeltaForce provides application professionals with deep insight into applications which in turn helps them solve a wide range of application issues. Automatic Code Documentation, Pinpointing changes in application or source code, mapping dependencies and inspecting code quality all lead to a drastic improvement in productivity. With DeltaForce, we have documented improvements of as much as 75% with customers who have integrated our software.

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