Product Sourcing

We have searched for and identified the best products in the various categories and brought them to the US market .

Local Support

We provide complete end-to-end sales and technical support throughout the lifetime of the solution.

Product Design

When needed, we work with the product vendors to customize and adapt their products for unique needs MSPs and MSSPs may have.

Solution Integration

Products work better when they work together. Integrating multiple products allows you to enjoy the synergies between them.


You set the pace

You know your business best, and while we're willing to work as quickly as you want, we're not here to rush you. Pay-as-you-go pricing, flexible pricing plans, and no up-front commitment means you can deploy it to customers who are asking for it today and gradually roll it out to others to increase your revenue stream.

See it.

Have our team show you how it works
Try it.

Test it on your own network or end point
Offer it.

Deploy it initially to customers who may need it now
Add it.

Generate more revenue by including the product in your standard offering


End-point Protection, Vulnerability Assessment, Network Access Control, Data Leakage Prevention, Application Analytics.

We have curated the technologies to cover almost every aspect of Managed Security Services and have found the most competitive technologies in each category. We then helped them shape the product or offering to match what MSPs and MSSPs are looking for.

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Coupled with our sales support and technical expertise, we are ready to provide you everything you need to start selling these to your customers.

We know IT enterprise Security but you know your customers. We're here to work with you to deliver these technologies to your customers through your existing channels and pricing packages.

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